Yorkshire Terrier Facts Care

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier is a breed that impresses everyone with its small size and extremely cute looks. It is one of the breeds that best adapt to apartment life and a deep dependence with their families occurs. They do not show warm behavior towards other animals and strangers.

Yorkie is running gorgeously on the road

Yorkshire Terrier Facts

  • Its feathers are quite long, soft and silky. Its feathers are very similar to human hair.
  • There is a feather structure between the head and back that looks like it is divided into two.
  • The head structures are flat and have a black and medium-sized nose.
  • It has an upright or half-erect ear structure and eyes look like they are smiling all the time. It has a regular tooth and nail structure and its nails are black.
  • Their height from the ground is between 15 cm to 17.5 cm and their weight is around 3.2 kg.
  • Puppies are usually born in black or skin colors. When they become adults, they have steel blue and skin color feathers, especially the tail parts. Yorkshire terrier loves to be loved and attracted attention all the time. It is also known for its loyalty and devotion to its owners.
  • These breeds are of the non-social dog class. Although they are fond of family members, they stay distant from strangers and animals. They can also show offensive attitudes towards foreigners. Since they are constantly moving little at home, they constantly want to travel outside.
  • Due to their sensitive structure, they are resistant to cold weather and if they stay in cold weather for a long time, they will get sick very quickly. They like barking. With the conscious training of these dogs, barking demands can be reduced.
  • Compared to the Yorkshire terrier height, it has surprising courage and this courage often leads to trouble. These brave little ones can show offensive attitudes when they see a foreign dog, which can even cost their lives. For this reason, a Yorkshire terrier dog should not be roamed without a leash.
  • It requires patience to train, in some cases their training can take quite a long time. It is quite active at home. It is sensitive to cold. Yorkshire terrier lives as if it is not aware of its small size. It is always ready for adventure and trouble. The lives of Yorkshire Terriers usually range from 14 to 16 years.
  • Yorkshire terrier is an excellent watchdog. It can bite when it is confused, scared or angry. However, it is generally a cute and sweet dog. Yorkshire terrier dogs do not need exercise, but exercising at regular intervals will make its happy.

What do Yorkshire Terrier Eat?

  • Yorkshire terrier generally do not have weight problems because they are high energy.
  • However, if you do not get enough exercise, Yorkshire terrier will experience overweight problems like almost all races.
  • In its diet, you should prefer dry food for small breeds and make sure that it drinks enough water.
  • You can spend a long and healthy life with regular veterinary checks by following your vet’s opinions about the amount of meals.


General characteristics of Yorkshire terrier dogs are as follows;

  • Energy levels are very low, so there is little need to exercise.
  • The level of agreement with other animals and dogs is medium.
  • The games are good and they get along well with children
  • Yorkshire Terriers are a little difficult to train, but they can reach the desired level after a certain period of time.
  • Its protective properties are at a low level.
  • These breeds take an aggressive attitude towards very large dogs, regardless of their size. In addition, they can even catch a fight if not intervened.
  • Especially toilet trainings are very difficult. The desired training can be given by breaking their resistance with a certain time and rewarding.

Yorkshire Terrier Care

It requires daily care and brushing. If this takes a lot of time, feathers can be shortened by professional people. Feathers should be prevented from appearing with a tape. Drooping feathers around the ears should also be cleaned regularly.

Yorkie is playing with tennis ball

                                   Yorkie is playing with tennis ball

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Scientific classification of Yorkshire Terrier Facts Care

Yorkshire Terrier Facts Care


The fascinating Yorkshire is found in the England. The life spans of Yorkshire are 13 to 16 years. It is typically found as a pet animal of England.
Yorkshire performs well on diets that consist of oats, poultry, lamb, wheat and potato. The reasons behind the mentioned diets are easy to groom, and it needs brushing only for sometimes and as required bathing. For featured or longer coats, brushing is very essential to assist avoid tangling and matting
Yorkie have an average puppy’s per litter. When choosing a mate for your Yorkshire, verify bloodlines for hip dysplasia, eye problems, and thyroid problems. It is not preferable to breed two merle Yorkshire’s together, because, this enhances the opportunity if deafness, blindness and other health disorders in the offspring.

Yorkshire Terrier Facts Care

Yorkshire Terrier Facts Care

Scientific Classification


Country of origin is England. Famous for their loyalty and observation skills, this breed was first bred by Scottish miners to hunt mice in the mines. When approached from this point of view, it can be understood that the effects of being a high consciousness on duty are felt even today. Later, during the Victorian era, it began to attract women in the aristocratic segment.

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