Woodpecker belongs to Picidae family. Their population is endangered and rarely do we find this bird. This is due to less forest remaining as woodpecker lives in tress.

When we talk about woodpecker the first thing came to our mind is woodpeckers are known for drilling and drumming tree. They are known for vibrant personality.


Drilling and Drumming Bird

Drilling and Drumming Bird

Woodpecker mainly known for chisel-like tip, which they kept sharp that regularly, uses it on wood. They are aggressive in behavior and said as an anti social animal but when they are in group they become communal and it being good as they create good surrounding and their population also increase.


The woodpeckers mostly cosmopolitan distribution, although they are absent from Australasia, Madagascar, and Antarctica They are also absent from the world’s oceanic islands, although many insular species are found on continental islands. They mainly reside in woodlands, savannahs, scrublands, and bamboo forests.


Side view of Woodpecker

Side view of Woodpecker

Woodpeckers eat Insects, especially wood-boring insects, grubs and ants tree sap, nut peanut Seeds Berries and fruit, broken fruit juice. It is also seen that they more likely to eat fruits and broken fruit juice rather than eating insects. Funny but true!


There reproduction is done on tress in nest and many species of woodpeckers excavate one hole per breeding season, sometimes after multiple attempts it takes approx. 1 month to complete the task and extra holes are used by other couple for breeding.

Egg took 11-14 days to incubated. When their chicks born they are blind and does not have any feathers .So female woodpecker take care them in nest and male woodpecker go out for food .It takes 18-30 days for them to prepare to leave the nest.

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Scientific classification of Woodpecker





Scientific Classification

Range of the Woodpecker

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