Water Buffalo


The water buffalo, which is also termed as the domestic Asian Water Buffalo is a large Bovid. There are two kinds of water buffaloes. The River water buffalo and the wild water buffalo.

There many different species of water buffalo. Studies have recorded that there are around 130 million species of water buffalo that are required for their milk, for farming purposes and for carrying heavy weight.


A Wild water buffalo with long horns

A Wild water buffalo with long horns

The skin of the water buffalo is black but some water buffalos have dark brown skin that is a little different from the normal kinds.Swamp buffalos have grey skin during birth that later on become bluish black.The horns of the buffalo grow downwards and backwards and they are very strong.Buffalos are very heavily built with a large body.

The forehead is flat, the eys are large and the muzzle is wide in a small face.It has a small tail.The approximate height ranges from around 129–133 cm in males and 120–127 cm in females.The average weight ranges around 300–550 kg however , there are buffalos that can go up to a 1,000 kgs. The water buffalo is a domestic creature that many people use for a variety of purposes


A Water buffalo in Middle East

A Water buffalo in Middle East

The water buffalo originates from South Asia, South East Asia,Europe and Australia as well as in the American continents.They are also found in the Balkans, China and Middle East. They have been one of the most common animals all over the world.


Water buffalos are known to feed on aquatic plants as well as edible plants. They also eat green fodder, chaffed hay, Alfa, Alfa, leaves, stems of trimmed banana, maize, oats, peanuts, soybean, sugarcane, turnips and many other vegetables.


Water buffalos usually become sexually active around 3 to 3 and half years. Successful mating can continue till the animal is 12 years.A male buffalo can impregnate 100 females in a year.

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Scientific classification of Water Buffalo

Water Buffalo


Water Buffalo

Water Buffalo

Conservation status:


Scientific Classification

] }

Binomial name

Bubalus bubalis

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