Various turkeys have been portrayed from fossils. The Meleagridinae are known from the Early Miocene onwards, with the wipe out genera Rhegminornis. Here are more facts about the Turkey bird.


The turkey is an expansive winged animal in the sort Meleagris, which is local to the Americas. One animal groups, Meleagris gallopavo, which are normally known as the local turkey or wild turkey. Here are more interesting facts about Turkey.


They are local to the woodlands of Nor

A Turkey bird with furs

A Turkey bird with furs

th America, for the most part Mexico and the United States. The other living species, which include Meleagris ocellata or the quite good ocellated turkey, which are local to the backwoods of the Yucatán Peninsula.


At the point when a great many people think about a turkey they consider Thanks giving supper. While a few ruthless people keep the cutest ever birds for meat, they are great as pets. Furthermore, some do both, which is not good at all. There are numerous different breeds of turkeys, however there are two assortments, local and wild.


A cute baby Turkey Bird in hands of a human being.

A cute baby Turkey Bird in hands of a human being.

Wild turkeys, including ocellated turkeys, are sharply omnivorous, which implies they will promptly test an extensive variety of nourishments, both creature and vegetable. They scavenge every now and again, and will eat a wide range of items, including veggie lover nourishment.


Hens broods normal of 10-12 eggs for 27-28 days mostly in northeastern Colorado, most homes are started mid-April to mid-May. Bring forth starts in May in southern reach, generally early June in north. Youthful are tended by female; brood stay together until winter.

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Scientific classification of Turkey





Scientific Classification

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