Titanoboa Facts


  • Titanoboa cerrejonensis is the largest, longest, and heaviest snake ever discovered. The biggest snake in the world, Titanoboa is an extinct creature that lived in the Paleocene era about 58 to 60 million years ago.
  • The surprising discovery of Titanoboa was made by scientists working in one of the world’s largest open coal mines in La Guajira Cerrejon, Colombia. The giant snake, which was believed to be a distant relative of the anaconda and boa snakes in our era and called “titanoboa” by scientists, it was not poisonous. Titanoboa killed its prey by squeezing it with a pressure of 281 kg /m2.
  • Scientists needed more than the backbone to understand how the newly discovered snake looked, how it fed and the relationship of kinship with today’s reptiles. For this reason, searches were started to find the skull of the snake.
    One of the largest snakes that are now extinct

Titanoboa Facts

  • About 58 million years ago, the giant snake that lived in the forests of South America weighed more than 1 ton and was 14 m long.
  • This snake can swallow an entire crocodile and because of the diameter of the snake’s body, the crocodile it swallowed might not be noticeable from the outside.
  • Some researchers; they tied Titanoboa to be so gigantic that the air temperature in the equator was much higher than it is now, following the extinction of the dinosaurs 60 million years ago.

A Titanoboa devouring a crocodile

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Scientific classification of Titanoboa Facts

Titanoboa Facts


These snakes lived in a temperate climate in the warm. They are known to maintain an optimum body temperature for a longer period of time and thus the bodily functions like digestion,
The Titanoboas were seen to live in Central Colombia in South America.They lived in the neo tropical forests and low lying rain forests that contained an extensive system of rivers.
The Titan boa was flesh eating snakes that helped to grab their prey with the help of carved teeth. They coiled around the prey with their heavy weight and crushed the prey to pieces and gulped it in.
They bred in the rainy seasons and gave birth to a number of snakes at a time.

Titanoboa Facts

Titanoboa Facts

Scientific Classification

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Binomial name

Titanoboa cerrejonensis

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