The tamarins and their way of life

A full view of tamarin

A full view of tamarin

The tamarins are small animals which look like and have sizes similar to squirrels. They are hardly herbivorous in nature in nature and live in trees. They can leave with a number of members.

The tamarins are small monkeys which looks similar to squirrels and have same size like them. They belong to the kingdom of Animalia and are vertebrates in nature. They are primates in order and the generous belong to Saguinus. They are our 18 species which belong to the tamarins.


All the tamarins have different appearances and they are generally black in color, but sometimes they are also white or brown. Sometimes they have a mixture of different colors in their body and it is found in a number of species. They have fishier hairs, and it is found in a number of species.


The tamarins are very fast and they can move quite swiftly from one tree to another. They are very social animals and can live with up to 40 animals in a single group. But in most of the cases the group is composed of 3 to 9 members.

A tamarin from the side

A tamarin from the side


The tamarins are generally found in the South and central parts of America and a few species are even found in South America. They are mostly found in the Guiana, parts of Amazon basin and Columbia. The species may vary from one place to another.


The tamarins are generally herbivorous in nature and they generally live eating trees and fruits. But the biggest problem is, they are small in size and thus, they are easy predators to a number of animals.


As far as the breeding nature of tamarins are concerned, they breed more than twice or thrice a year. There is no particular time when they breed and thus, they can breed at any time of the year.

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Scientific classification of Tamarin





Scientific Classification

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