Squid are cephalopods of the Teuthida order, which comprises of around 304 species. They are known to have a distinct head, a mantle, arms and bilateral symmetry. They have eight arms which are arranged in pairs of two with long tentacles

Picture of a giant squid attacking bait squid

Picture of a giant squid attacking bait squid

Squids are known to be members of the class Cephalopoda, subclass Coleoidea, and order Teuthida. They comprise of a large variety of squids including giant squids. That is the largest cephalopod order with around 300 species classified into 29 families.Squids are different from the other mollusks by a different change in body plan that has been condensed Antero-posterior and extended dorso-ventrally. It has a complex set of tentacles and highly developed sense organs. The ancestral shell has been lost


The majority of squids are not more than 60 cm although the giant squid may reach 13 mts.Some species of squids may grow up to 14 m in length, making it the largest invertebrate. Squids are also known to have the largest eyes in the animal kingdom. They possess long and strong tentacles that help to capture prey.


Squids are known to be harmless creatures until they are enraged. They have a stink in order to protect themselves from bigger animals. They spray this stink into the eye of other animals which also has a bad smell.


Lesser Flying Squid - Todaropsis eblanae

Lesser Flying Squid – Todaropsis eblanae

Squids are present in the ocean bed of seas and oceans n the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic oceans, Indian oceans and all other ocean beds.


Squids feed on smaller squids and smaller fishes that live under water as well as small lobsters, insects and other invertebrates.


In female squids the ink sack is hidden from view by a pair of white nidamental glands, which are positioned in the anterior part of the gills. Females also have a large translucent ovary that is situated in the posterior of the visceral mass. Male squids have a large testis in place of the ovary and a sperm producing gland that is inserted in the female while mating.

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Scientific classification of Squid





Scientific Classification

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