Snake Types Facts


  • Snakes are animals from the squamata team of the reptiles’ class, connected to the subset of the Ophidia.
  • There are 725 kinds of venomous snakes in nature. 250 of these venomous snakes can kill a person with a bite. Snakes are believed to be a 4-legged reptile 112 million years ago. It is thought that it has evolved over the years and has no feet.

A wandering Gerte snake

Snake Facts

  • Snakes’ bodies are cylindrical and long. In addition, these animals have no feet, are reptiles.
  • The snake maintains its vitality for one hour even after the head is cut.
  • Snakes can sleep for 3 years without waking up if they find a suitable and calm environment for them.
  • The head of venomous snakes is oval and flat. Their necks are almost thin. On the other hand, venomous snakes are stiff and prominent.
  • After killing the snake, you should not approach it for 1 minute. Snakes can put a sudden reflex when thought to be dead.
  • Except for the heads of the snakes, there is not bone in any part of its body.
  • Venemous snakes have two venom teeth in their mouth. In nonpoisonous snakes, these teeth do not.

Snakes have no ears. They can only hear very low frequency sounds.

A Poisonous King Cobra


Snake Types

  • The world’s most venomous snake is the Taipan snake. It is a very dangerous snake with its height that can reach up to 2.5 meters, its venom that can kill 44 people with a bite.
  • Snakes’ size varies according to their type. The length of the python snake reaches 7 meters, while the thread snake is 10 centimeters long.
  • Rare species of double-headed snakes fight each other for food.
  • Muscles in the tail of a rattlesnake are the fastest moving muscles in the world. This is why the tail is constantly swinging.
  • One of the most venomous snakes in the world, the Black Mamba snake kills a person it bites within 45 minutes.
  • The heaviest snake in the world is Anaconda located in the tropical rainforests of South America. According to estimates, the weight of an Anaconda is around 227 kilograms.
  • Known as a flying snake in Southeast Asia, the snake species has the ability to float to trees within a range of 100 meters.
  • Viper snakes follow its tongue after poisoning its prey and find its dead and swallow it.

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Scientific classification of Snake Types Facts

Snake Types Facts


Snakes breed in different ways according to their species and reproduce in different ways. Snakes need a female snake and a male snake for fertilization to occur. The female snake and the male snake hug each other, that is, they mate to each other. The reproductive patterns of fertilized female snakes vary according to their habitat and snake species. Snakes give birth in two ways. The first one of them lays out the eggs of the female snake and the other one remains in the belly of the female

Snake Types Facts

Snake Types Facts

Scientific Classification


Python or similar race snakes are carnivorous. These snakes, in their natural environment, according to their size; they feed on birds, rodents, other reptiles and other snakes, frogs, etc. The feeding of carnivorous snakes varies according to where they live. Snakes provide their feeding by hunting live animals. Snakes take a long time to digest the food they eat, have a flexible mouth and body structure, which can open their jaw 180 degrees, so they can easily swallow large prey. Snakes living in the water; eats fish, roe and other sea creatures. Snakes living on land; eats creatures such as mice, rabbits, lizards, frogs, birds, mole, bird eggs, squirrels, deer and gazelles. Big snakes living on the Amazon, such as python and anaconda; eats animals such as wild boars and deer. It can even swallow people.

Range of the Snake Types Facts

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