Siamese cat



Siamese cat – first recognized breed

They are one of the first clearly recognized breeds of cats. They grew very popular in North America and Europe in the 90s. They are described as social, intelligent and have a playful nature. They tend to seek companionship from other cats and also like to be with humans.

A Siamese cat

A Siamese cat


They are commonly characterized by blue eyes which are shaped like almonds, large ears, head shaped like a triangle, elongated and slender body. They are most popular in North America and Europe


These cats are social and intelligent. They have a playful nature and often enjoy fetching sessions with their owners. They like human companionship and can also bond with other cats.


They are mostly found in Asia. However, in the last few years, they have grown very popular in Europe and North America.


Two Siamese cats playing

Two Siamese cats playing

Siamese cats also follow the same diet that of other cats. They generally hunt birds, rodents, and small preys. Domestic Siamese cats eat what their owner provides like milk, cat foods, etc.


Siamese cats mate. Their gestation period is similar to other cats. Average Siamese cat gives three to five kittens.

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Scientific classification of Siamese cat

Siamese cat


Siamese cat

Siamese cat

Scientific Classification

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Range of the Siamese cat

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