Sea Anemone


Sea Anemone with its deadly tentacles


One of the species

One of the species

A sea anemone is an elaborately colored sea creature that has got its name from the terrestrial anemone flower that has an equally flashy appearance. It is a stinging polyp that is a close relative of jellyfish and coral and spends a greater part of their hours connected to the rocks at the bottom of the sea. They also loom about the coral reefs for fishes to pass by sufficiently close for getting entangled in their venomous tentacles.

They have bodies made up of an epoxy resin pedal disc, which you can also call their base, a body having a cylindrical shape, and an arrangement of tentacles enveloping a mid mouth. They can grow to a maximum diameter of 3 feet.


Its tentacles are such that the slightest of a touch trigger them. After this, it shoots a harpoon-like fiber into its victims and that injects a paralyzing neurotoxin into them. This is what lends a sea anemone its distinguishing sticky feeling.


Anemones have a tendency of staying at a spot till conditions become inapt or when they are attacked by a predator. In such situations, anemones are capable of getting off the substrate. Subsequently, they make use of flexing motions for swimming their way to a new site.

Catching a crab

Catching a crab


This aquatic creature is distributed all over the earth, in all the oceans, in all of the seas, in all of the salt water bodies. Nevertheless, a great majority of them prefer residing in tropical waters.


This aquatic creature is a carnivore that eats mussels, fish, zooplankton and worms. The zooplankton that it devours includes copepods, additional minute crustaceans, as well as minuscule marine larvae.


They are different from the other cnidarians in that they do not have the free-moving medusal period of their biology. The polyp generates sperm and eggs. Subsequently, the fertilized egg grows into a planula and the planula into a new polyp. They are also able to reproduce asexually. They do so by budding or binary fission.

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Scientific classification of Sea Anemone

Sea Anemone


Sea Anemone

Sea Anemone

Scientific Classification

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