A Schnauzer

This is a dog breed that originated in Germany.The name has been derived from the word snout that means a moustache.The dog us seem to wear a moustache that is distinctively popular.This is a terrier type dog

Miniature Schnauzer Puppies

Miniature Schnauzer Puppies

Schnauzer are friendly and loving dogs that can become a part of the family .They get along really well with children.They are very energetic and protective and alert.Thus they can also be very good guard dogs.They can also be trained really well.


Schnauzers have big and distinctive beards and long feathery eyebrows.Their coats are a salt and pepper color, black, or white, but they can be brown as well.Some owners shave of the hair in the back while some like to keep it long and curly.They have a double coat where the upper coat is rough and the under coat is soft.A Schnauzers is around 1.5 ft tall at the shoulder and weigh 30 to 45 lbs


Schnauzers are known to be friendly dogs that can really gel well with children. They are a group of working dogs who can also be used as guard dogs and hunting dogs.


These dogs are known to originate from Germany and are now found in cold countries.


Standard Schnauzer Dog Breed

Standard Schnauzer Dog Breed

Give your Schnauzer a healthy meal two times in a day. However ensure that he is not overweight . It is best to feed him with dog food and home made food.


Schnauzer breed In litters of around 2- 3 puppies at a time once in a year.

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Scientific classification of Schnauzer





Scientific Classification

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