Robin Bird


Robin Bird or the singing bird


In a garden

In a garden

The robin bird is definitely among the garden birds that people like the most. It looks as though this bird has a trust in human beings. They like staying near to human beings when outside and even have food from their hands. This nature has been seen for centuries in this bird. It was during the 6th century when a robin was first documented to have food offered by a person.

Robins are among the foremost birds to initiate the dawn choir and among the final ones to discontinue singing after dark. Even during the winter season while singing to secure their winter territories they have this practice.


The greater parts of the robins have a sedentary nature and have a tendency of shielding their territories all through a year. Among its features, the one that endears them the most to people is its reddish breast. This provides a relieving spark of colour during a dull winter day


People tend to connect them to Christmas as during this time they’re more visible as they hunt for food in the gardens. They’re awfully territorial and while the breeding season is underway they tend to be belligerent towards other males of their terrain.

Perched on a bough

Perched on a bough


Robin” is an incredibly copious breeding dweller in the UK having in excess of 4 million pairs. It is prevalent in all parts of the UK. During the winter season, the numbers rise with the arrival of migrants from Continental Europe to the UK for fleeing their chilly winters.


Robins fancy having Mealworms. This breed also consumes snails, Worms, Gourmet Robin Fat Feast, Insects, and also like Seed Mixes.


By nature, this bird is monogamous, at least when a breeding season is underway. So they’ll pick a mate every season and continue being together till the arrival of the subsequent season. In view of the fact that the greater part of the robins come back to the identical breeding ground year after year, they are likely to mate with the identical partner for one more season.

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Scientific classification of Robin Bird

Robin Bird


Robin Bird

Robin Bird

Scientific Classification

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Range of the Robin Bird

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