Red Panda


Red pandas also known as lesser panda, red bear cat or red cat bear is a cute animal belonging to the panda family.

Residing in the Himalayas, these harmless creatures are the most adorable and cute to look at. To know about where they live, what do they eat and how they reproduce, keep reading this post!


A cute red panda sitting on the bark of a tree in a jungle

A cute red panda sitting on the bark of a tree in a jungle

Red pandas are currently living in the Himalayas. But the first time they appeared was in United Kingdom back in 1888 when a fossil moral and a lower jaw of a cougar sized animal called giant panda came into existence. A few other fossils were found in Spain, Eastern Europe as well as the United States. Around five million years ago, even Tennessee was the abode of giant red pandas that went extinct after racoons came into existence.


A red panda enjoying himself in the greenery

A red panda enjoying himself in the greenery

The diet of red pandas is a mix of both herbivores and carnivores. Some are vegetarians while the rest are omnivores. Red pandas may be essentially classified as carnivore. And while giant pandas will eat bamboo plants all the time, the others will stick to eating leaves. They also spend at least 13 to 15 hours per day eating and searching for food and because of this they end up losing 15 percent of their body weight during winter.


Red pandas are much like cats. They lick their front paws after waking up, rub their bellies and backs and patrol their territories before secreting from their anal glands. Red pandas have the ability to reproduce around from the age of 18 months and become fully mature from the age of two to three. Adults will rarely interact in the wild. Both the sexes could mate with more than one partner when the mating season starts from January from March.

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Scientific classification of Red Panda

Red Panda


Red Panda

Red Panda

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Scientific Classification

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Ailurus fulgens

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