The Australian Parakeet is known as the budgie or the English parakeet.It is one of the most common parakeets in the world.They are native to the grasslands and many of them are known as lorikeets.

A parakeet refers to a small and medium sized parrot that is known to have long tail feathers and is available in a variety of colors.The name has been derived from the French name peroquet that means parrot in French


A Group of Budgerigar sitting together

A Group of Parakeet sitting together

Parakeets are known to be full of energy and vibrancy. These colorful birds love attention and make wonderful pets.They have long tails that covers half their body size.Theuir tails are square shaped.


Parakeets are found mostly in Australia and South America.They are found to be roaming in groups.They are known to be sold commercially as pets. There are 120 species of parakeets all over the world. The largest variety is found in Australia and the New World of Central and South America. Australia has over 30 species of remarkable colored parakeets. There are over 27 species found in the America, with numerous subspecies


Parakeets are known to be very intelligent birds that have outgoing personalities and are social as well. They adapt quickly to their cage and are very active as well. They need activities like climbing and chewing.They form a close bond with humans.They can be very well trained


A pair of male and female Budgerigar

A pair of male and female Parakeet

Parakeets feed on fruits, nuts and seeds, They also feed on small insects that stick on the trees.


Parakeets are known to breed readily in groups, but there can sometimes be conflicts between the breeding pairs. The presence of other parakeets around encourages a pair to breed and that is why breeding in groups in very successful. Parakeets produce about six to eight eggs if the parakeet successfully lays eggs.

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Scientific classification of Parakeet





Scientific Classification

Range of the Parakeet

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