The mastiff has a coat that is either fawn red, or bridle. They can range light brown shades to reddish brown shades. A mastiff should have no white markings, except for on the chest where a little white is allowed.

A German mastiff dog breed

A German mastiff dog breed


The mastiff stands at 25–27 inches tall and weight around weigh110–130 pounds. Females are 24–26 inches and 100–120 pounds. This is the average weight and height of a mastiff. The eyes are dark hazel, and the ears Shaped, pendant, and dark in color.


Mastiffs are strong, powerful and really sensitive dogs. You need to train a mastiff properly in order to control it. These dogs do not like repeat actions again and again. The activities mastiffs enjoy include obedience, agility, tracking, and carting. Mastiffs are also affectionate and loyal dogs, they show great strength and endurance and are powerfully built.


Young Bull mastiff male standing in the snow

Young Bull mastiff male standing in the snow

The mastiff is an English dog this dog fares best in moderate climate and is found in countries with moderate climate.


Good nutrition is very important for a mastiff. You need to feed them with a breed specific formula along with fresh and clean water and beef, horse meat, and poultry


This breed is prone to some hereditary health problems. When selecting a mate for your mastiff, look for joint dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and family history of cancer. Progressive retinal atrophy is also a frequent problem among the breed.

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Scientific classification of Mastiff





Scientific Classification

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