Loggerhead Sea Turtle


The loggerhead sea turtle which is better known as the Caretta Caretta in scientific terms is one of the most beautiful marine reptiles that is present all throughout the world. It belongs to the Cheloniidae family. The turtle, being one of the most extinct species in the world is conserved with extra care and precaution.

The Caretta Caretta is found in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean as well as in the Mediterranean sea. They are harmless reptiles that spends most of its life in seas waters. They are considered as an endangered species due to which they are protected by the International Union for conservation of nature.


Caretta caretta is an oceanic turtle which is belong from the family of cheloniidae

Caretta caretta is an oceanic turtle which is belong from the family of cheloniidae

This turtle is the largest hard shelled turtles. The average full grown loggerhead turtle measures around 90 cm in length, however the larger ones measure 280 cms. An adult turtle weighs somewhere around 135 kgs whereas the largest and heaviest turtle weights around 450 kgs. The color of the turtle ranges from a light yellow to reddish brown in color. The adult males have a thicker tail than the females.


A loggerhead turtle is found all over the world with the greatest concentration around the southeastern coast of North America and in the Gulf of Mexico. Florida is the most popular nesting site. Few turtles can be found along the Brazil and Cape Verde islands.They can live up to 45years


The turtle is quite large in shape and has powerful jaws to dismantle its prey.

The turtle is quite large in shape and has powerful jaws to dismantle its prey.

The loggerhead turtle is omnivorous and feeds mostly on bottom-dwelling invertebrates. It has large and powerful jaws which serve as a good tool for tearing its prey to pieces. Young loggerheads are eaten by non vegetarian predators while the larger turtles are eaten by sharks.


The female loggerhead turtle usually comes to the shores to lay eggs. These turtles have a low reproductive rate. The female lays an average of four eggs in one season and then does not lay any eggs for the next three, four years. However, now, the loss of suitable dwelling places and breeding places have reduced the reproduction rate for turtles.

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Scientific classification of Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Loggerhead Sea Turtle


Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

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Scientific Classification

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Caretta caretta

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