Lobster Habitat Facts


  • Lobster (Homarus americanus) is not as red as is known. It is mostly dark blue and green in brown color. The thought of lobster red is that it turns red after cooking. All pigments, except the red in the shell of the lobster, disappear when exposed to heat. Therefore, the lobster gets a red color when cooked.
  • The sizes of lobsters 1 million years ago (Pliocene Period) were about 1.5 – 1.8 meters. However, today there are lobsters between 1.5 -2 kg.
  • Lobster arthropod is an important marine product due to its interesting biology and high economic value. Two types commonly found in the world; European Sea Lobster (Homarus gammarus LJ and American Sea Lobster (Homarus americanus). In addition, there are various lobsters in different seas in the world. Some of these are very large and some are quite small.
  • European Lobster is considered one of the most outstanding seafood in the world. Although its size is small compared to other lobsters, its unique, rich taste and tight texture are the reason why European Lobsters are preferred. European Lobster can live up to 60 years.

A lobster under water

Lobster Facts

  • The lobster’s blood is colorless. When exposed to oxygen, a bluish color is formed.
  • Lobster is an invertebrate animal. It does not have a complex nervous system similar to human. Their brains consist of a small bundle of nerves. They have a simple structure. Pain thresholds are low.
  • Adult lobsters cannot swim. They move using their walking feet and tails. While the lobster is still larvae, they move along the ocean in the direction of the current. When they grow older, they start swimming using their swimmer and walking feet.
  • Red and dark coral colored, unfertilized eggs of the female lobster are called roe.
  • Lobsters consist of six ring-shaped sections and their head structures are stuck to their bodies.
  • Lobsters have two eyes and two antennas.
  • The largest lobster ever recorded weighs about 20 kg. Its length from the clamp to the end of its tail is 106 cm.
  • Their bodies are covered with a hard lime shell made of chitin. This shell, which sees the exoskeleton homework, is green blue and yellow stained.
  • They walk on the rocks with their feet or quickly slam their tails and swim back and forth.
  • Lobsters breathe with their gills located where their legs meet the chest.
  • Lobsters are drawn deep into the seas as they age. Living environments can reach up to 400 meters.
  • When lobsters mate, the eggs are not fertilized immediately. The female carries the sperm of the males and decides when to fertilize its eggs.
  • Female lobsters break their shell and secrete pheromones before they mate. This is a signal to mate.

What do Lobster Eat?

  • Lobsters are hermit crab, sea snail, ringworm and blue mussel. It can also be fed with animal carcass.
  • Those who live in the sea eat various algae as well as fish, dead and live animals.
  • Freshwater lobsters are fed with snails, worms, insect larvae and tadpoles.
  • Lobster crushes its prey by catching it with its big gripper and eats it with its small gripper by separating its meat from its bones.
  • When lobsters cannot find food, they can be fed small lobsters when they are hungry.

A red lobster from the side top


  • Lobsters, whose shell is very hard and smooth looking, live in rocky sea bottoms on the shore and in clear waters.
  • Canada’s eastern coast, the Nova Scotia region, the beaches of the state of Maine and West Africa are still areas where lobsters live a happy life.
  • All of them like hot summers and cold winters.
  • The scientific name of the American lobster found in the Atlantic Ocean is Homarus americanus.

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Scientific classification of Lobster Habitat Facts

Lobster Habitat Facts


Lobsters tend to move gradually by strolling along the base of the ocean bottom. Be that as it may, in case they are in perilous situation and needs to escape, the lobster can swim in reverse, rapidly by twisting and uncurling its belly.
The American lobster can be found in the Atlantic just along the North American coast. All the more particularly, it can be found between Cape Hatteras in North Carolina of the U.S., and the Strait of Belle Isle amongst Labrador and Newfoundland of Canada.
Lobsters find their prey for having a good health, generally in the evening. It was once imagined that lobsters were foragers, and ate principally dead animals. Be that as it may, lobsters are truly more go getters, getting for the most part of new nourishment, which incorporates different sea animals.
Lobsters are creatures that breed with eggs. Lobsters move their fertilized eggs in a part under their bellies and leave them as larvae when the time comes. As they become adolescent in approximately 2 years, after two years they lay thousands of eggs at a time. (There are 10,000 to 30,000 eggs found to lay eggs) and they carry these eggs in the abdomen between 6 and 12 months after fertilization.

Lobster Habitat Facts

Lobster Habitat Facts

Scientific Classification

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