Lizards Characteristics Facts


  • Lizards like to stay in the sun, so they are most common in the summer. Lizards are animals belonging to the lacertidae family. More than 3000 species of lizards have been discovered today and more species are being discovered day by day.
  • The lizards are similar to snakes in terms of their structural features, they are cold-blooded just like snakes and so they like to sunbathe and stand under the sun. Without the sun, lizards cannot survive too long.
  • One of the most important features of lizards is that the tails that do not split, break only, a second tail emerge and a fork tail is formed.

Lizard - Side-blotched

Lizard Facts

  • Conditions such as temperature, environment etc. can cause the lizard to change color and become camouflaged.
  • The vast majority of the lizard species are 4 legged but besides these species, they are present in lizards that look like snakes with 2 or no legs.
  • A lizard has 5 fingers on its foot and these fingers have pretty strong nails. Thanks to these nails, lizards can climb smoothly and catch small insects and food sources.
  • Their bodies are generally thin, long and round in appearance.
  • Their length can vary according to the species, some species are between 10-20 cm in length and some species are between 60-70 cm in length. Even lizards exist in longer species.
  • The bodies of these animals are completely covered with scales and have a serrated structure.
  • The biggest feature of a lizard is that, in cases of fear or similar, its severed tail will reappear after a while. This event is called ‘organ renewal’.
  • Lizards breed with eggs. Female lizards lay between 6 and 10 eggs in early summer.
  • Lizards have eyelids that can be opened and closed.
  • One of the most effective organs used by lizards to catch prey is their tongue. The tongues of these animals have a long, fast and sticky structure. So they can catch their prey easily.


  • Lizards generally live in warm, arid, steppe, tropical, etc. regions in terms of their structural features that are not resistant to cold.
  • Due to the fact that lizards are of a large number of species, some species can live in different areas. For example, some species live under the ground while others can live on trees. Some lizards can walk and run over water.
  • The poisonous Heloderma species, belonging to the Lizard family, live only in Central America.

Lizard - Eastern Collared


  • Lizards are like cold-blooded animals like other reptiles. In summer, it moves when the air and the blood get hot; they spend winters asleep.
  • Since lizards are not poisonous, they do not harm anyone.
  • Lizards are hibernating animals. When the winter months come, they begin to sleep in their holes.

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Scientific classification of Lizards Characteristics Facts

Lizards Characteristics Facts


Reptiles came into being approximately 310 to 320 million years back at some stage in the Carboniferous era. The habitats of Lizards are deserts, prairies, forests, marshes, and rocky regions. A great many lizards live on land or trees. They stay most active during balmy, summer days. On days of extremely high temperatures, a number of lizards hide.
A number of lizards eat spiders and bugs. There are others that consume plant life, undersized animals, or even additional lizards. The great majority of lizards depend on their eyes for looking for food. A few utilize their smell also.
A great majority of the lizards are oviparous. However, some species retain the eggs till the emergence of the live young. Asexual reproduction is a trait that has been observed in roughly 50 genres of lizard. A great number of the female lizards can do this without the need for males.

Lizards Characteristics Facts

Lizards Characteristics Facts

Scientific Classification


Baby lizards begin to move and look for food as soon as they hatch. Lizards feed on insects and worms. Lizards generally feed on insects, multi legged or scorpions. The lizard's diet is usually insectivore. Creatures such as small insects, arthropods etc. are the food sources of lizards.

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