Hyena Spotted Striped


  • The hyaenidae family is a sloping, very strong jawed carnivorous mammal living in the warm regions of Europe, Africa and Asia.
  • It takes shelter in underground lairs or caves during the day and emerges at night. There are types such as striped hyena, gray hyena and spotted hyena.
  • Hyenas have big heads, thick necks and long forelegs.
  • They are very strong but timid animals. They pretend to be dead in case of danger, then run away at the appropriate time.
  • It is famous for scavenger and gluttonous.
  • They eat the remaining prey of predators like lion and pars and they are tomb raiders.
  • Except for the crocuta hyena, they prefer to wander alone.
  • The sense of smell, sight and hearing are sensitive. Hyenas do not just feed on carrion. They also attack antelope, zebra and farm animals.
  • Since the front legs are long, their backs appear hunched.
  • They are big-eared and strong jawed animals. They savage and digest the femur of bovine.
  • Since their feces contain bone particles, so become fossilized over time. They serve as a sanitary and prevent the spread of foot and mouth disease, as they consume animal carcasses.
  • They can be tamed easily.
  • The biggest of the hyenas are crocuta hyenas. It is aggressive and plunderer.
  • They do not hesitate to attack even old lions and rhinos when they are very hungry. It is encounter almost everywhere in the south of the Great Sahara in Africa.
  • Chestnut colored skin has black spots. They reach 1.5 meters in length, 90 cm in height and 80 kg in weight. They like to hunt in groups.
  • These are also called laughing hyenas because they make sounds like laughter when they find prey.
  • Since both males and females have similar exterior appearance of their reproductive organs, it has been considered that they have been bisexual for a long time.
  • Examinations in the internal reproductive organs revealed that they are the unisexual. Striped hyenas live in North Africa and Asia.
  • They are 105 cm in length and 40 kg in weight. They mostly feed on carrion. The spotted hyena wanders on the beaches of Africa and feeds on carrions from the sea.
  • Both types like loneliness. Pregnancy periods are up to three months. They usually give birth to one or two babies.
  • Their lifespan usually reaches 25 years.

Striped Hyena

Striped hyena has a more graceful body structure than other hyenas (eg spotted hyena). It reaches a length of 110 cm (+30 cm tail) and a weight of 40 to 50 kg. These hyenas have a gray color and distinct black lines their body. Striped hyena is located in the northern half of the African continent, west of Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, Anatolia and India. Its habitat is semi-desert and arid regions. Striped hyena lifestyle is very different from spotted hyena type. It prefers to live alone. Rarely, it may establish small groups of family members. Striped hyenas do not make any sound other than a silent growling. It cares very much about its own region and defends this region. It cannot hunt big animals with its own power. It is generally feed with carrion. In addition, it can hunt small rodents, birds, lizards, sometimes goats, sheep or dogs.

Spotted Hyena

Spotted hyena is a hyena species that belongs to the hyaenidae family. Spotted hyena, morphology weight ranges from 48 to 55 kg. Its length is between 95 and 150 cm. While running speed, it can reach 60 km per hour. Scientists have said that unlike other hyena species of the spotted hyena species, they are closer to the cat, not the dog. They have the same origin as the Egyptian mongoose. They live in social groups dominated by females.

Geographical distribution is common in central, eastern and southern parts of Africa. They are quite common in and around the Congo Delta, in the southern part of the Greater Sahara Desert. They are found in the entire southern region of the African continent, except to the southwest. This hyena species is hunted in groups. Hunting techniques are different compared to other predators. A hyena, while catching a big prey, leaps onto the animal’s back and bites it. The other bites its stomach and removes its internal organs alive. But the reasons for doing this are that they are not as durable as wolves in order to chase the animal too much. So they should finish the hunt quite quickly. They hunt zebras and feed on what they steal from other predators. Although they mostly eat carcass, they also catch big animals.

Hanging Hyena

Hanging hyena is native to the African continent and the Indian subcontinent. They also eat carrion. They can easily take their prey from the hands of powerful animals such as lions, pars, leopards. Among the carnivorous animals found in Africa, it is the animal with the strongest jaw (after crocodiles). The jaws of the hanging hyena type are so strong that they can even break bones. Therefore, it was observed that they ate bones when they were hungry. They have a shoulder height of about 1 m and a body of 80 kilos. Its speed can be up to 80 km / h.

Brown Hyena

Brown hyena is a species of hyena with limited habitat. It is very unlikely to be seen outside the Kalahari and Namib Desert. Brown hyena, the most distinctive feature compared to other hyenas is the habit of feeding with fruits and other plants in case of starvation. In short, they can be not only carnivorous but also herbivorous.

What do Hyenas Eat?

Although they appear occasionally during the day, they usually appear at night and hunt. Of course, this does not mean that they are masters in hunting because hyenas love free. It takes and eats prey from many wild, hunting animals. These can take prey from even the lions. When they are very hungry, they eat old lions, zebra, pars and tigers.

What is a Hyena?

Hyenas are a family of carnivores. Although they dogs with their appearance, they are in fact a subset of felines and according to the ideas of scientists, they are descended from the family of viverridae. Today’s hyena are common in Africa and in South and western Asia.

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Scientific classification of Hyena Spotted Striped

Hyena Spotted Striped


Hyenas are generally aggressive in nature and they can attack any other animal if they feel like eating it. They are generally found in the nighttime, which make them nocturnal in nature. The daytime activities go unnoticed as they are not found at that time.
The animals are generally found in various places of the world and it is a very important part of the animal ecosystem in different continents like Africa, Asia and any other continents where there are a lot of forests.
The animals are completely carnivorous in nature and thus they feed on other animals which are comparatively smaller to them. The animals are known to attack human beings and snatch off their flesh, as well. It generally happens in the forest regions.
The animals are quite social and they love living in pairs. They are often found to groom each other by licking or other activities. They give birth to two or three off springs once or twice in a year.

Hyena Spotted Striped

Hyena Spotted Striped

Scientific Classification


Although hyena types have differences between them, generally hyena weight is around 40 to 60 kg.

Although hyenas seem to be laughing the sound they produce is actually an alternative form of communication. Like other mammals, communication between hyenas is used for many different purposes, such as establishing social ties, coordinating group activities and involving allies in a case.

Range of the Hyena Spotted Striped

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Hyena Spotted Striped

Hyena The hyaenidae family is a sloping, very strong jawed carnivorous mammal living in the warm regions of Europe, Africa and Asia. It takes shelter in underground lairs or caves during the day and emerges at night. There are types such as striped hyena, gray hyena and spotted hyena. Hyenas have big heads, thick necks

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