Different facts about hyenas

Hyenas are animals which live everywhere. They constitute an important part of the ecosystem. They eat a lot of flesh of other animals.

Hyenas are animals which is one of the smallest species in the mammal class of the Animalia kingdom. The animal is present with only four species, but in spite of that the animal is one of the most important parts of the ecosystem of Africa.


Hyenas generally look like foxes and they are body is completely covered with thick fur. Though they are a few species, where thick fur is not present on the body of the hyenas. In such cases small fur is present.


Hyenas are generally aggressive in nature and they can attack any other animal if they feel like eating it. They are generally found in the nighttime, which make them nocturnal in nature. The daytime activities go unnoticed as they are not found at that time.


The animals are generally found in various places of the world and it is a very important part of the animal ecosystem in different continents like Africa, Asia and any other continents where there are a lot of forests.


The animals are completely carnivorous in nature and thus they feed on other animals which are comparatively smaller to them. The animals are known to attack human beings and snatch off their flesh, as well. It generally happens in the forest regions.


The animals are quite social and they love living in pairs. They are often found to groom each other by licking or other activities. They give birth to two or three off springs once or twice in a year.

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Scientific Classification

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