Hamster Habitat Facts


  • Hamster is a rodent animal and is a member of the Cricetidae family. Although hamsters are generally called mouse because they look like mice among the general public, it is actually a species in itself. In the 1930s, it was the subject of research at Hebrew University for the first time and it was first defined within the borders of today’s Syria. Although it spread to European countries in the 1940s, we can call Hamsters small desert creatures.
  • Apart from being a laboratory animal, it is also fed as a pet. Since their digestive systems are very sensitive, they should be careful about their nutrition. These animals, which have many species, all have a very cute structure with their colors and images.
  • There are varieties such as Chinese hamster, Syria, Europe, dwarf, winter white and Gonzales.

A Hamster at work

Hamster Facts

  • The feathers that cover the body of the hamsters can be short, wrinkled or long feather. The color of the feather is yellow and light brown and the feather on the abdomen and armpits are silky and gray-white.
  • The skins of the hamsters are not completely attached to the body. When their skins are pulled by hand, they become elongated and limber on the body.
  • Its tails are about 1 cm long, covered with short hair.
  • Hamsters have 4 fingers on the front legs and 5 on the hind legs.
  • The sachets on the cheeks of the hamsters are the food store of the hamsters. They carry the food they collect here to their nests and store the food accumulated here to consume it slowly.
  • Its eyes are in a round shape and bright.
  • Hamsters are about 15-20 cm in length and 200 grams in weight.
  • Their sense of smell is highly developed.
  • They are very fond of their private lives. They refuse to eat and drink water from a plate that is not their own.
  • Hamsters live about 2 years.


Hamsters live in agricultural areas in the west of Europe and Asia or in burrows dug in the steppes.

What do Hamster Eat?

  • They can sometimes damage agricultural areas as a result of feeding on fruits, vegetables and cereals. Hamsters are hunted by animals such as owls, hawks, beacons and poppies.
  • Generally; they eat oats, cereals, corn, sunflower seeds, rice, wheat, sesame seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, boiled rice and unsweetened corn popcorn, boiled pasta or potatoes.
  • Fruits to be given to these cute animals; it can be carrot, parsley, melon, watermelon, nut, peanut, strawberry, spinach, corn, pumpkin, broccoli, pea, lettuce, banana, strawberry and blueberry.

Hamster Puppies

Hamster puppies need a mother for 4-5 weeks after birth and then want to get away from the mother. Hamsters are disease-resistant creatures and do not get sick easily. Contrary to common knowledge, hamsters need water and consume very little water. In general, water in nutrients is sufficient for them. If it consumes more dry food, it should definitely be a hamster drinker. Female hamsters are more grumpy and greedy than male hamsters.

A Syrian hamster

How Long does a Hamster Live?

  • They are very fond of their private lives. A captain who does not belong to himself refuses to eat and drink water. They want to have private areas where they can be alone. Since they are small and very energetic, they want toys that they will have fun with, such as a ferris wheel.
  • Hamsters live about 2 years. They cannot distinguish colors and hamster have difficulty seeing far. However, the sense of smell and hearing are at a very high level.
  • Thanks to the pouches located next to their cheeks, they can collect food from the outside and store them in their nests. In these pouches, they can carry half the food of their own body weight.


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Scientific classification of Hamster Habitat Facts

Hamster Habitat Facts


The gestation period of these little and cute friends is only 15-16 days. Hamsters, who reach puberty after an average of 3 months, can give birth to offspring after 6 months. The anger period of the females lasts 4 days and during this period they are ready to mate every day. If the animals in the same cage are ready to mate, the female remains immobile for a while and raises her tail. In this way, he gives a message to his partner. Mating times are on average 20-25 minutes. However, animals of different sex should be placed in the same cage only during the female's anger period. Otherwise, females will not want the male in their cage with aggressive attitudes. They give birth 4 or 5 times in their 2-2.5 year life. The number of offspring may vary, usually 8. If she gave birth more than 6 months old, very healthy offspring can be born. Hamsters who become pregnant when they are younger often give birth to dead and weak pups. When the pups are born, their eyes and ears are closed. The hairless puppies are between red and pink and average 2 cm in size. The eyes open after about 2 weeks.

Hamster Habitat Facts

Hamster Habitat Facts

Scientific Classification


Hamster gender determination is truly a matter of expertise. Gender determination is not easy at all. It can be said that if the back part of the hemstera looks round, it is female, if it has a slightly more pointed appearance, it is male.

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