Guinea Fowl


The guinea fowls and the birds of the deserts

A white colored guinea fowl

A white colored guinea fowl

The guinea fowl are birds which leave generally in the deserts and forests. They look quite beautiful and the food habit is different. Other facts about the birds are elaborated here.

Guinea fowls are birds, which belong to the Animalia kingdom and they have a spinal cord, which means they are vertebrates in nature. They are reptiles and thus belong to the class reptile. They belong to the class aves and belong to the numididae family.


One of the notable characteristics of the guinea fowls is that they are body is completely covered with fur and feathers but their head and the official part is free from any such feathers and fur. They are generally brown in color, and are sometimes available in blends of brown and black color.


The guinea fowls are generally social beings and they are found believe in a group and fly small or large flocks. They are monogamous in nature which means they mate for their complete life. Some of the guinea fowls may live a number of days without water.


A black and white guinea fowl

A black and white guinea fowl

The parts are found in the regions of African desert, and in parts of West and Central Africa. They are also found in Savanna, depending upon the breeds of the birds. Sometimes, the parts are also found in the West Indies and United States of America, Britain, and they are sometimes treated as food.


The guinea fowls generally feed on grass and other small trees. Thus, they are herbivorous in nature. Sometimes, the guinea fowl may also feed on small animals and insects, and it is found in askew species of guinea fowls.


The guinea fowls are birds and they have a breeding nature which are similar to that of other birds. They can breed all around the year, and can give birth to a number of off springs at once.

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Scientific classification of Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl


Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl

Scientific Classification

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Range of the Guinea Fowl

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