German Shepherd Facts Care

German Shepherd

  • The German shepherd dog is a dog breed of German origin. German shepherd dogs are divided into two; there are different versions called business dogs and show dogs. The German shepherd dog, produced as a business dog, has a higher hip and longer legs.
  • In 1899, Max Emil Friedrich Von Stephanitz created a breed that the German people would need in terms of shepherd by taking advantage of the German government’s policy to develop dog breeds. Since then, German shepherd was produced in series for use in protection areas.

German Shepherd Facts

  • The average height of German shepherd is 60-65 cm in males and 55-60 cm in females.
  • Average weight is 35-40 Kg in male dogs and 35-40 Kg in females. These sizes and weights are average values and German shepherd dogs may differ according to their breed as they are divided into different breeds among themselves.
  • Healthy females of this breed have on average 8 puppies. It is also known that some of them can have 10 or more puppies.
  • Females are excellent mothers, they meet all the needs of their offspring, protect them and enable them to learn basic skills.
  • All types and even every dog can have different sleeping habits. German shepherd can sleep about 12-14 hours during the day.
  • It is tall, body big and showy. Its outlines are smooth, fairly curved and angled.
  • Muscle structures are healthy and flawless. When looking at the quality and character of an ideal German shepherd, a superior and noble breed is seen.
  • Its feather is double and thick. The feather colors are brown, rust and black.
  • Their noses are always black
  • The eyes are almond shaped and dark colored. The eyes of these smart dogs are also very clever.
  • Ears are upright. German Shepherds can also be long or short feathers.

The group of German shepherds gazing at the camera


  • Although the German shepherd dog is not a very hard dog, it has a slightly aggressive structure.
  • It must receive obedience training in a serious sense.
  • German shepherd dogs are brave and cheerful dogs in structure.
  • It is a very obedient dog against its owner.
  • It also has a very enthusiastic structure for learning.
  • German shepherd dogs are superior to other dogs in terms of loyalty.
  • It is a dog that can get along well with other dogs and children if it goes through a good socialization training.
  • These dogs do not like being alone.
  • German shepherd is very brave.
  • German shepherd is the biggest assistant of people in many different fields such as police, search and rescue dog.

Aren’t the little German shepherds adorable enough?

German Shepherd Care

This breed is slightly shedding constantly and seasonal shedding can be quite intense. Feathers poured into the house, if it is a problem, daily brushing is recommended. The skin should be washed at most once or twice a year in order not to disturb the oil balance.

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Scientific classification of German Shepherd Facts Care

German Shepherd Facts Care


The German shepherd is famous for his intelligent and working capabilities The behavior or demeanor of the species is courageous, obedient, loyal and an alert or faithful companion.
They were originally found in Germany and therefore the name. Currently, they are easily available in many countries in various types.
The daily diet of the German shepherd dog includes raw meat, dog foods, homemade foods and many healthy and nutritional food items. Packed dog food are also a good item for German shepherd dog.
At the time of pregnancy and also after the birth of puppies proper care is demanded under the supervision of the doctors. The female dogs give birth at a time minimum of 2 to 3 puppies.

German Shepherd Facts Care

German Shepherd Facts Care

Scientific Classification


Although they do not tend to gain weight, attention should be paid to the nutrition of this breed. Quality food will have an important place in the German shepherd's diet. They should not have gained excess weight due to their allergic nature and tendency to hip dysplasia.

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