Frigate bird


Frigate bird – a seabird found in tropical oceans


Picture of a Frigate bird

Picture of a Frigate bird

They are a type of seabirds which are located in all tropical as well sub-tropical oceans. They can soar for weeks and spend most of the time hunting for food. They are also known as kleptoparasites as they sometimes rob other seabirds for eating. They are also known to snatch babies of seabirds from their nest.

They are known to be seasonally monogamous, and they have a tendency of nesting colonially. They are large and slender and are also mostly black-plumaged seabirds. Their bones are filled with air and this is feature that makes them very light. The male Frigates have a throat pouch which is red in color. They inflate them for attracting females when the mating season is underway.


They have a body length of up to 114cm and have the longest bill. Although they have black feathers, their scapular feathers have a purple sheen. The female are brownish-black in color. The tails of these birds are deeply forked and are not apparent unless their tail is fanned.


They are excellent flyers and gliders. They rob other seabirds for getting food. They are also known for snatching the babies of seabirds from their respective nests.


They snatch their prey from the surface of the ocean by using their hooked bills. They mainly eat small fishes. They also eat various other items like cephalopods, jellyfish as well as larger planktons. They sometimes prey on eggs of other seabirds like boobies, shearwaters, petrels as well as terns. They are also known to follow fishing vessels and snatch fishes from them.


Picture of a Frigate bird flying

Picture of a Frigate bird flying

They generally breed on remote islands in oceans. Breeding can happen at any time of the year but are often prompted by the commencement of a dry season or plenty of foods. They have the most elaborate displays of mating among all seabirds.

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Scientific classification of Frigate bird

Frigate bird


Frigate bird

Frigate bird

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