Flamingo is a type of birds. These birds are found in some large lakes of East Africa. These birds always move in flocks. During the breeding season many birds gather together. These birds often stand on one leg.

Characteristics of the bird
The Flamingo are very tall birds and their colour is pink and the sight of them is really good. They have long and slim legs. Their necks are also long. Their wings are large but their tails are small. The height of these birds is usually 3-5 ft.

The nest of these birds are like the shape of a cone and are made of mud and clay and are made on a lagoon. They lay one or two eggs and both of the eggs are given proper incubation till the eggs hatch. Both the parents continue the process of incubation in turns. When the egg hatched and the baby birds come out they cannot eat properly and they are fed the half digested food by the adults.

These birds feed on diatoms, algae and invertebrates like mollusks and crustaceans. Their diet is mainly responsible for the pink colour of the birds. Sometime in zoos food colouring is used to retain the birds natural colour.

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Scientific classification of Flamingo





Scientific Classification

Range of the Flamingo

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