Fast and active Lory have short blunt tail Lories are small to medium size arborous parrots which can be characterized by brush tipped tongues. These tongues can be used for eating various soft fruits, berries and various blossoms. Traditionally, they were seen as a separate subfamily of Loriinae from the another subfamily Psittacinae, but from

Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus Parrot

These Speaking Parrots are just amazing by their creature Of more than endless sorts of parrot, the Eclectus is considered by various to be the most flawless. Eclectus are not just magnificent, regardless. They are in like manner remarkable talkers, repeating various words and expressions, and singing tunes. In case you have more than one



The small size of the budgie makes it suitable for a household pet. They are ideal for taming; putting in small cages and can reproduce very fast as well. They require less space, less food and less safety gear as well. The budgie is a common pet parakeet that is informally known as the budgie.



The macaws are a vibrant group of birds that looks beautiful with their green canopy and vibrant feathers. They have large and powerful beaks that can easily help in cracking nuts and seeds. They have a dry, scaly tongue that has a bone inside them that helps them to tap the fruits. Macaws also have

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King penguin

King penguins stand at between 70 and 100 cm and have a weight of between 9.3 and 18 kg. Males are somewhat larger compared to females. Studies reveal that the average mass of the king penguin is alike or just a little higher to that of the greatest living flying birds. King Penguins are as


A Weevil cannot live any longer than some weeks to some months. This species doesn’t display territorial behavior and does not have a definite home range. It moves liberally all the way through its habitat. Weevil – a conspicuous species of stink bug A weevil is a sort of beetle of the Curculionoidea superfamily. They’re


The Kingfishers family consists of 114 species and has 3 sub-families, namely, the tree kingfishers, the river kingfishers, and the water kingfishers and 19 genera. Despite the presence of “kingfisher” in their English lingo names, several of these birds aren’t expert fish-eaters. Kingfishers are famous for their blue plummage Kingfishers or Alcedinidae happen to be