The useful and the beneficial domestic animal

Donkeys are considered as the domestic animal. They have been used as a working animal for a long time. Donkeys are stubborn in nature, but helpful. They belong to the horse family.

A baby donkey

A baby donkey

A donkey is also known by the name of ass and is considered as a domestic animal. It is the member of the horse family, Equidae. For the last 5000 years, donkey has been used as a working animal. A female donkey is called a jenny or jennet, a male donkey as the jack and a young donkey as the foal. They are mostly used as the pack or the draught animal


Depending on the breed and handling, a donkey varies in size. Donkeys can resist the marginal desert conditions. Donkeys keep in touch with each other, especially in vast areas of desert via their loud sound or bray. Because of their large ears, they have the potential to hear distant sounds as far as 3 kilometers. It also helps the donkeys to cool their blood in the extreme heat. For defending they will use the methods of kicking, biting or striking with the front hooves.


Donkeys are known to be stubborn animals and this helps in self preservation. They don’t have much connection with man, hence forcing them to work is near to impossible. They can become compassionate and dependable partners in work once they are confident enough about the situation.

The donkeys used as a pack animal

The donkeys used as a pack animal


There are almost more than 40 million donkeys mainly in the underdeveloped nations across the globe. As per the records, they were first domesticated in Egypt or Mesopotamia regions and thereby spread across the globe.


As compared to the horse, they don’t need much food and their digestion process is also fast. They mainly depend on the barley straw and hay during winter.


The life span of donkeys is 25 to 35 years, but it can even 10 years when under the worst conditions. The female donkeys or the jennies get pregnant for a period of one year and give birth to one foal. The twins are very rare.

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