The Dodo bird is a flightless bird. This bird has now become extinct. It lived in the islands of Mauritius, Madagascar and The Indian Ocean. People now only read and see pictures of the bird.

This bird is fat and stout. This feature was very necessary for them to survive in the ecosystem. The colour of this bird is white or little greyish. The colour of their feet was yellow and the tail was full of feathers. The beak had three colours – black, green and yellow. The size of a Dodo bird is bigger than a turkey. The weight of the bird is about 23 kg.

The humans hunt these birds and they have now totally become extinct. Except humans there were no predators for these birds.

This bird laid one egg at a time. This is why they could not live till now. If the birds laid more eggs then more chicks could come out and there would be less possibility of all the eggs being destroyed.

This bird fed on fruits, nuts and roots of small plants. Some people had tasted the meat of this bird but did not like the taste of it.

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Scientific classification of Dodo





Scientific Classification

Binomial name

†Raphus cucullatus

Range of the Dodo

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