The deer is a member of the ruminant family and forms the family Cervidae.The deer lives for a long time depending on the species. The animal is known to have a great importance in the society of its furs and its skin.

The deer is a mammal with long legs and are divided into different species. A deer has long, long legs and sharp horns. There are two main groups of deer. The Cervinae deer and the Capreolinae deer.


Deer is one of the most beautiful looking animal among all due to its amazing color and body prints.

Deer is one of the most beautiful looking animal among all due to its amazing color and body prints.

A deer is characterized by its long legs, strong and sharp horns and long ears. It has a tiny tail. The general size of a deer is around 2.6 meters in height and about 800 kgs in weight. The standard size of a deer is 1.4 to 2 meter and it weighs somewhere around 450 kgs.


Deers are found all over the world and they range from the Tundra to the tropical rainforests .Many of the deers roam about in the Savannah grasslands while some of them roam around in the woods. They are found all over the place.


Deer eats fruits, grasses and tree leaves as its diet.

Deer eats fruits, grasses and tree leaves as its diet.

A deer is an herbivorous animal that mainly lives on trees, leaves and plants. It also loves fresh fruits, grasses and lichens. Deer always prefer to have light food that can be easily digested as they have a light digestive system. Deer need to have vitamins and minerals in their diet in order to stay strong and healthy.


Fawns are usually cared by their mother. A deer has one or two fawns at a time. The gestation period is anywhere up to ten months for the European roe deer. After the baby is out, it tries to walk in the beginning while its mother licks it with her tongue. The fawn stays with its mother for one year.

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Scientific Classification

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