The crocodiles are large reptiles. They are amphibians which means they live both in water and on the land. They are usually found in the tropical areas like Africa, Asia, America and Australia.

Crocodiles are the best predators. It has a streamlined body which helps it to move swiftly in the water. It also possesses webbed feet which are best to make fast moves in the water and also helps it to change direction in the water. The webbed feet acts like the oar of a boat. These feet of the animal is also helpful in shallow water where it can walk rather than swim. They cannot stick out their tongues like frogs because their tongue are fixed by a membrane. The skin of the bellies are very smooth which is useful to move swiftly even on the land. The upper portion of their body is full of bumpy parts known as osteoderms.

They have very powerful senses which are used for preying. The sense organs like eyes, ears and nostrils are on the top of their head and this allows them to stay submerged in the water and target their prey.

This animal can see at night and they usually prey during night when other animals do not have vision and therefore the work becomes easier.

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Scientific classification of Crocodile





Scientific Classification

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