The Coyote lives in North America. It is a family member of the wolves but it is slightly smaller than the gray wolf, eastern wolf and red wolf. This animal is found in abundance and there is no sign of it getting extinct in recent years.
This animal is very versatile because of its ability to adapt to any kind of environment. The weight of the males are about 8-20 kgs and the female weighs about 7-18 kgs.
This animal’s fur colour is light grey and red or brownish and also some areas of black and white. They have long ears and large braincase as compared to the gray wolves. Their face is not round but elongated.
The Coyote feeds on meat of animals like deer, rabbit, rodents, birds and fish. It also feeds on fruits and vegetables occasionally when meat is not available. He is a versatile animal so he is adaptable to anything and anywhere.
Vocal sound
The vocal sound of the animal is a howl. This howl is made by animals who are left out and solitary to call his friends or family members.
When a Coyote mates with a gray wolf then their offspring is known as Coywolf.

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Scientific classification of Coyote





Scientific Classification

Binomial name

Canis latrans

Range of the Coyote

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