The cockatiel is a member of the Nymphicus genus.It was previously known to be a crested parrot, however, now it is known by its own family species.It is one of the smallest in the cockatoo family who are native to Australia and also brred in the Australian wetlands.

The cockatiel which is also known as the quarrion is a member of the cockatoo family, which originates from Australia. They are known to be very good household pets and companion parrots all over the world and are really easy to breed as well


Some of the best looking Cockatiel

Some of the best looking Cockatiel

The color of the cockatiels is derived from two pigments called melanin and lipochromes.The male and the female birds change color gradually as they grow older.A cockatiel has long tail feathers that make up half of its length. At 30 to 33 cm he cockatiel is the smallest of the cockatoos which are generally larger at between 30 and 60 cm


These birds are known to stay in flocks or groups, mainly by the water side.They often harass farmers by eating all the cultivated crops.They are not found in the fertile south west and south east corners of the country,


They are known to feed on small insects as well as nuts and fruits.


White Cockatiel for sale at Royal wings

White Cockatiel for sale at Royal wings

Cockatiels are native to Australia, but they are always seen to be near the wetlands and the river. They are known to be a nomadic species who stay only where food and water is available. They are mostly seen in pairs and flocks.


The cockatiel species are known to reproduce at the end of the first year, depending on the diet and the exercise. The adult cockatiels are known to be sexually dimorphic. This is evident after five to six months after hatching. The male loses the white or yellow barring and spots and is replaced by bright yellow feathers while the orange patch becomes brighter.

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Scientific classification of Cockatiel





Conservation status:

Least Concern

Scientific Classification

Binomial name

Nymphicus hollandicus

Range of the Cockatiel

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