The different known and unknown facts about cows

Cattles are animals, which are often reared for meat, and they are also good for milk. They are found in all the countries. They are beneficial animals.

A group of cows in a livestock

A group of cows in a livestock

Cattles are animals and they are often or in most of the cases, called cows normally. They belong to the Animalia Kingdom and are vertebrates in nature. They belong to the Theria subclass and the animals are generally kept as pets for a number of benefits.


That is a generally large in size and are powerful animals. They have long and strong horns above their head, which act as their weapon of protection, when they feel unsafe from the circumstances. They are a number of breeds of cattle which are found everywhere.


Cattles are generally peaceful animals and they do not have the tendency to attack unless they feel unsafe. They are found in various colors, and are also found in a number of color blends depending upon the country where the live and also the genetic configuration.


A black and white cattle

A black and white cattle

Cattles are quite common animals and they are found almost everywhere in the world. They are generally found in the Asian countries, African countries, and different other places all over the globe. The animals are sometimes considered as livestock and they are often reared for meat.


Cattles are completely herbivorous in nature and the generally feed on grass, hay, leaves of plants and others. A lot of food is necessary, if they are kept for milk, and the food help them provide high quality milk.


The breeding nature of cows are normally different from other herbivorous animals. They generally breed once or twice a year and give birth to one or two off springs.

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