A betta fish is also known as a fighter fish and it is an aggressive fish that fights with all its companions and sometimes kills them as well.They are decorated in aquariums however it is desirable to keep them alone. The Betta fish is a large genus of a small swarm of fish that is

Clown Fish

Clown Fish

Clownfish is a very beautiful and famous species in the world. The clownfish is also well known as Anemonefish. They belong to the subfamily Amphiprioninae in the family Pomacentridae. There are around thirty species of clownfish. The period of life of a clown fish normally 3 to 6 years. Get a pair of clownfish in

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Golden snub-nosed monkey

The Golden Snub Nosed Monkey has this unique name mainly because it has that specific characteristic or that kind of nose which is quite different. This species of monkeys can survive in extremely cold climates and they are basically based in the mountains of Central China and Southwest China. They are located in the forests


Muntjac deers are barking deers and are quite old in its evolution. They are one of the oldest species and so these animals often take attention of the scientists. These animals are found in Southern Asia. The anima has quite distinct and unique cry and this is what makes it seek attention. The male deers

Gaboon viper

Gabon Viper are the snakes that dwell on grounds, they are basically seen in Central and Western Africa along the tropical jungles. They can find their prey in the best way because they are mostly hidden behind the roots and leaves of the plants and so even if they are gigantic, they would not be