Mussels Behaviour Facts

Mussels Behaviour Facts

Mussels Mussels is a seafood that is among the invertebrate creatures. It has a black hard shell. These creatures, which can live in fresh waters and seas are beneficial for health when consumed during the season. The mussels that reproduce by spawning live under the rocks very close to the land. Mussels without a foot

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Meerkat Habitat Facts

Meerkat Although meerkats are from felines, they are not from the feline’s family. These cute mammals, known as Suricata suricatta species are in a family known as mongoose. It is a kind of animal reminiscent of a monkey while running and kangaroo when standing. Meerkats Habitat They are found almost everywhere in the Kalahari Desert,

Mole Habitat Facts

Mole Moles belong to the Talpidae family. Moles are creatures that belong to the Insectivora team. It is in the mammalian class and is famous for its damage to agricultural areas. Moles have always managed to be remarkable animals with their different appearances and different ways of life. Moles not only live underground but also

Platypus Reproductive Facts

Platypus Platypus was first painted by Captain John Hunter in 1798. Later, many scientists worked on platypus, a beaked mammal. Ornithorhynchus anatinus means “duck-like duck-nose” in Latin. Even this name is enough to describe how interesting the creature of the Platypus species is. The Platypus species animal has a flat tail. Its body is covered