Linckia laevigata

Linckia laevigata

The blue sea star is a kind of starfish, and they belong to the Animalia kingdom, and asteroidean class. They are not vertebrates, and the scientific name of the starfish is our Linckia laevigata. They are found in the shallow waters, which means they are not found at very deep levels. The sea stars may



Starfish is the opportunistic aquatic feeder Meta Starfish, also known as sea stars are echinoderms that are star-shaped and part of the class called Asteroidea. An average of 1,500 types of starfish frequent the seabed of all oceans in the World. They reside at a range of depths from an intertidal region all the way

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The Frilled Lizards is also known by the names frilled agama and frilled dragon. This species relates to the lizard and Agamidae family. In the names of these lizards, the word frilled is added because it has a large frill around the neck area. This frill remains closed and stuck to the body of the

Eastern diamondback rattlesnake

The scientific name of the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake is Crotalus adamenteus. This creature is found in large numbers in the South-Eastern United States. It is the heaviest snakes found in America. It is also known to be the largest rattlesnake. This species is found in the dry pine forests, swamp forests, etc. This species is


The Biturong is an carnivorous animal. It is also known as bearcat. This animal usually lives in South and Southeast Asia. This animal is decreasing in number and is on the verge of extinction. This is an omnivorous mammal. The Biturong may be called a bearcat but it does not look like a bear or