Tarantula General Features Facts

Tarantula General Features Facts

Tarantula Tarantula is a member of theraphosidae family. Approximately 1000 species have been identified, the general name given to hairy spiders of various sizes and often. Some types of tarantula have become popular in the exotic pet market. Some new world species that are fed as pets have itchy feather that irritates the skin and

Arizona bark scorpion

Arizona bark scorpion

The life and facts of Arizona scorpion Arizona scorpion is one of the most poisonous scorpions which are found. Scorpions are found in a number of other places, but Arizona scorpions are special. The Arizona scorpion are not vertebrates, and they belong to the order Scorpiones, and belong to the Animalia kingdom. They belong to

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Hyena Spotted Striped

Hyena The hyaenidae family is a sloping, very strong jawed carnivorous mammal living in the warm regions of Europe, Africa and Asia. It takes shelter in underground lairs or caves during the day and emerges at night. There are types such as striped hyena, gray hyena and spotted hyena. Hyenas have big heads, thick necks

Gorilla Habitat Facts

Gorilla Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla) belongs to the Pongidae family. The largest and strongest animal of the monkeys team (Primates) living in the vast equatorial forests of Africa. Gorillas are a mammal that lives as an animal with the biggest backbone. The biggest primate of the world are gorillas living in Congo forests, also known as

Flamingo Colors Facts

Flamingo Flamingo is the common name of the six bird species of the phoenicopteridae family that formed the genus phoenicopterus. It consists of one genus and its six subspecies. Another feature of this species is that they are called Cuba because they can reproduce in itself and with other species. It has long thin legs,