Butterflies come from the class of insects that are known as large super family Papilionoidea along with two smaller families. Adult butterflies have large colorful wings and fluttering flight. The butterfly resembles the moth family.

Butterflies are characterized by their four scale adult wings. Their wings have an assortment of colors that are bright and vibrant. The scales give their butterfly its colors and the pigmented melanin gives the butterfly the black and brown color.


The Papilio Machaon

The Papilio Machaon

The butterfly body is divided into three sections- the head, the thorax and the abdomen. The antenna of the butterflies is clubbed together. All butterflies are diurnal and have bright colors, and hold their wings vertically above their bodies.


Butterflies are found worldwide in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. There are various kinds of butterflies that you can find in gardens, in forests, among flowers and more. There are around 18500 species of butterfly that are distributed all across Oriental and Australian regions, New Zealand, Oceania, and the Iberian Peninsula. There are various kinds of butterflies. Some butterflies have migrated to other parts of the world as well.


The Monarch butterfly which is one of the brightest of all

The Monarch butterfly which is one of the brightest of all

Butterflies feed on the nectar and honey of flowers. They move around from flower to flower and suck on the nectar


Butterflies in their adult stage can live for a week to nearly a year. Many of the species have a long larval life stage while some of them remain dormant. There are four stages of a butterfly life cycle. The egg, larvae, pupa and finally a butterfly. The courtship happens in aerial phases and involves pheromones. Butterflies mate either on the ground on while perching on a stem. Copulation takes place from tale to tale.

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Scientific classification of Butterfly





Scientific Classification

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