Bull Terrier Characteristics Facts

Bull Terrier

  • Bull Terrier has a solid body and remarkable muscles and is a very strong breed. This dog breed; There are two types of Bull Terrier and Miniature Bull Terrier. This dog breed was produced by James Hinks in England to become a show dog and participate in dog fights. It was known as White Cavalier at the time.
  • Until it was banned in 1835, Bulldog was battled with bulls in England. After the ban, Bulldog and Terrier began to mate.
  • The purpose of mixing these two breeds was the search for a light weight but strong dog to participate in dog fights. Thus, the Bull Terrier breed was formed, and it was named after the ancestors of the Bulldog and Terrier breeds. Bull Terriers, their warrior spirits from Bulldog; and takes their intelligence and agility from Terrier.
    A bull terrier face

Bull Terrier Facts

  • Bull Terrier has a muscular body structure and they are quite strong.
  • Bull Terriers are usually white, but they can also be black, red, or multiple colors.
  • Their feathers are short and straight; therefore they do not need much combing.
  • They have a quite different structure than other dog types with their oval shaped heads, eye structures and ears.
  • There are no big differences between the male and female British Bull Terrier. Only males are more muscular than females.
  • Average height between 53-56 cm in both sexes; weight can vary between 22-31 kg.
  • The ears are small, thin and close to each other and are generally upright.
  • Its tail is short, initially thick and thinner towards the tip.
  • The average life span of Bull Terriers is 11-14 years.
  • Bull Terrier females have an average of 5 puppies at each birth. The health status and dimensions of newborn puppies are related to the general health and size of their mothers.
  • It is known that a very healthy and young female can bring 12 puppies to the world.
  • As the male matures and the number of mating increases, the number of offspring may increase at the same rate.
  • Obedience training should be given at a young age. When their growth is complete, they become very strong. It is difficult for them to be educated when they are adults. Trainers should be understanding and patient; they learn quickly but they have stubborn structures.


  • Bull Terrier is an extremely loving dog if properly trained.
  • Although Bull Terrier looks like an aggressive dog, it establishes a fairly tight relationship with its owner. It acts with the instinct to protect its owner.
  • It is extremely kind and docile towards his owner.
  • Bull Terrier breed is among the brave dog breeds.
  • They have high protection instincts. This makes them look like an aggressive dog, but this is all about education.
  • Bull Terrier dogs are included in the dangerous dog class and in some countries, they cannot be moved without a collar or mouthpiece. This situation is completely prohibited. For this reason, if you want to own a Bull Terrier, it is recommended to get used to the collar and mouthpiece from an early age. Otherwise, it may become aggressive in the following periods and it will not allow to wear a mouthpiece.
  • The Bull Terrier should not see the mouthpiece as a punishment. It should feel comfortable.
  • The Bull Terrier breed is a very social animal but it should not be left alone without a good education with children.
  • These animals can react to movements such as pulling ears or tail.
  • The following ailments can be seen in the Bull Terrier and should always be checked for them: Patella luxation, some heart complications, compulsive (obsessive) behavior, allergy, kidney failure, deafness.
    A bull terrier with its teeth

Bull Terrier Care

  • With a rubber comb, the Bull Terrier should be brushed from time to time to remove dead feathers.
  • Its ears should be cleaned regularly.
  • A soft place should be provided for lying down.
  • They should be tested against deafness.

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Scientific classification of Bull Terrier Characteristics Facts

Bull Terrier Characteristics Facts


Bull Terriers can be both autonomous and adamant and hence are not viewed as reasonable for an unpracticed canine proprietor. A Bull terrier has an even demeanor and is manageable to teach. Albeit tenacious, they are especially great with individuals. Early socialization will guarantee that the puppy will coexist with different pooches and creatures.
Their identity is depicted as brave, brimming with soul, with a carefree demeanor, a youngsters cherishing canine and a flawless relative. They are found almost everywhere, and they do not require any special conditions for a good living. They can acquaint themselves with any weather conditions.
Similar to other dog breeds, the bull terrier do not have any special diet requirements. Fresh meat is by far the best food for the strong dog breed, and you should contact the breeders for more information.
Breeding and reproduction is generally done by breeders and thus, they are not that important to know. They reproduce in a similar way like other popular breeds of dogs available.

Bull Terrier Characteristics Facts

Bull Terrier Characteristics Facts

Scientific Classification

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