Border Collie Colors Facts

Border Collie

  • Border collie belongs to the Northumberland region, on the Scottish border. This species, developed by shepherds to drive and protect sheep herds, is remarkable because it is extremely hard working.
  • The Border collie dog has received many awards. This breed, which was first considered a breed by the Kennel Club of America in 1977, is owned as a guardian and a family dog in many different parts of the world.
  • Border collie is called an active outdoor worker. This extremely sensitive species is known for its versatile personality. The structure, which takes shape according to how it is trained, is highly suitable for training. This breed, which is also among the best shepherd dogs, is an excellent protector.The border collie is found to be standing straight and gazing at something

Border Collie Facts

  • The average life span of the Border collie breed is 12 years.
  • Border collie dogs belonging to the middle breed have different weight depending on their gender. Their weight varies between 14-20 in males and 12-19 in females. Their height varies between 48-56 cm in males and 46-53 cm in females.
  • These dogs are not bred for ornamentation, their bodies are suitable for being a breed bred to feed sheep herds in a difficult geography.
  • Its body is slightly longer than the height at the shoulders.
  • The mouth part becomes thinner towards the black nose. The ears are usually semi-upright.
  • The tails of these animals extend up to the heel of foot.
  • The shape of the head is evident, the forehead area appears moderately wide. -Its eyes are oval.
  • There are two types of Border collie. One is long feather and the other is short feather. In the long feather type of the breed, the neck part is maned and the tails are covered with long feathers.
  • Fur colors; black -white, three mixed colors, red -white, black -gray, or on the contrary all black.
  • Female dogs of the Border collie breed are expected to have 4-8 puppies at each birth. Pregnancy processes are between 60-64 days. It is recommended for these dogs to be mated once a year. Otherwise, the health of both the female and the offspring may be at risk.
  • It is not a breed that like to sleep. Generally, 10 to 12 hours of sleep during the day will be ideal for them. Because they are very active and alert. Any sound can attract their attention and get them to act again. It is known that they sleep quite deep when they sleep.
  • Border collie is a truly extraordinary breed of dog but this does not prevent its predisposition to certain diseases. Diseases with breed predisposition are: Hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atropia, epilepsy, collie eye anomaly, allergies.

The border collie seems to be in a playing mood


  • Border collie dogs are very smart, they are also very hardworking dogs.
  • They obey their owners in extreme obedience and want to spend a lot of time with them.
  • Since these dogs have very high instincts, they can also be used in search studies.
  • These dogs are extremely suitable for training. How they are trained by their owners will have that character.
  • They are very active dogs.
  • By their nature, their protective properties are very strong and can therefore be aggressive.
  • These dogs need to socialize at a young age. They provide superior protection for their structures with the trainings provided.
  • Border collie is known not only to protect sheep herds in danger but also as a perfect tracker in search and rescue operations.
  • This type has always gained the appreciation of the public with its personality. It draws attention with its well-intentioned and happy personality.
  • Border collie can be trained quite easily and if approached correctly, they do not have obedience problems.

Border Collie Care

  • It is necessary to comb the feather regularly to avoid any deterioration in the fur structure.
  • For Border collie, it is recommended to have it made 1-2 times a year as a bath need.
  • Dust accumulated on the edges of the ears and eyes can be removed with the help of a damp cloth.
  • In addition, regular tooth brushing should be performed against mouth infections that are very common in this type.
  • In addition, a very good feed is recommended for Border collie.

What do Border Collie Eat?

  • Border collie dogs are also very easy to feed.
  • In order to be healthy, they must be fed dry food.
  • Border collie dogs should be fed two meals a day.
  • In addition, these dogs need to be fed with vitamins in order to be healthy.
  • Dogs of this breed are not suitable for feeding with home cooking.
  • For these dogs to be raised well, their food must be of high quality.

Border Collie Colors

When it comes to Border collie, many people think of black and white fluffy dogs, which is not wrong because these are the most common colors in the breed. Border collie can be black-white, as well as black-gray, crimson-white, solid black or tricolor. Its medium length hair is straight, double layered and silky soft, the breed sheds moderately. The eyes of Border collie dogs, whose ears are usually semi-upright, are mostly dark, and some may have light eyes. The tail of the race, which has a necked mane, is also feathered.

Red Border Collie

Border collie dogs can be in many different colors. Color occurs when the main color determined by the dominant gene is mixed with other colors brought by recessive genes. Pigments that determine the main fur are melanin, eumelanin or phaeomelanin. Whatever the color, it has no effect other than aesthetic appearance. It is not an element that differentiates instinct and skills. One of these beautiful colors is the red Border collie type. The Red Border collie species is not very common.

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Scientific classification of Border Collie Colors Facts

Border Collie Colors Facts


The Border Collie is a very intelligent and obedient species of dogs. They are extremely energetic and fast running animal and can easily become comfortable with the humans and especially with the kids and children.
They are mostly found or developed in the Anglo-Scottish border region for herding livestock. The Border Collies are mainly found in hilly or mountainous areas.
The diet of Border Collies is simple and very easy to find. The food diet is as similar to the most of the dog food diet. The diet includes raw meat, high quality of dog foods and nutritional homemade foods and etc.
The process of reproduction needs special care and attention. The puppies and the mother both require proper animal doctor care during the gestation and also after the birth of sweet little puppies.

Border Collie Colors Facts

Border Collie Colors Facts

Scientific Classification


The Border collie dog has some qualities that make it very easy to train. However, it is always better to start education at an early age, even if you have to be very strict with Border collie growing up. Border collie is considered by many to be the smartest dog breed in the world. These intelligent dogs, who are extremely eager to train, therefore always achieve the highest rank in dog competitions. The race, which is very affectionate to its people, is also known for its wonderful relationships with children. Border collie, who has an average relationship with other dogs and cats, can adapt very easily. His high intelligence, his energy, can cause these dogs to get bored quickly, so a Border collie should be kept as busy as possible, energized, and if possible, help him learn new things constantly. Otherwise, a bored Border collie may behave like excessive barking, scraping, car chasing.

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Border Collie Colors Facts

Border Collie Border collie belongs to the Northumberland region, on the Scottish border. This species, developed by shepherds to drive and protect sheep herds, is remarkable because it is extremely hard working. The Border collie dog has received many awards. This breed, which was first considered a breed by the Kennel Club of America in

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