Bengal cat


Bengal cat – Only cat with Broad muzzle and head

Breeding Type Bengals with Large Rosettes

Breeding Type Bengals with Large Rosettes

The Bengal cat is a wide, muscular, medium to wide ranged cat, with a broad muzzle and head, pronounced whisker pads and high cheekbones. It stands out among cats for its dense, lush and remarkably soft coat. While this naturally happening trait increases the organic beauty of the Bengal, and is chosen by some individuals in the show ring.

The true Bengal cats are a hybrid of the domestic cat and Asian Leopard Cats. They were established by different individuals, most notably with the motto of harnessing the beauty of the wild cat, yet grooming the characteristics of the domestic cat. Via with the careful breeding, this aim has definitely been achieved.


All Bengals gangs their own particular interesting identity, however most Bengals will be extremely intelligent and social, and they will bear on a discussion with you when you, and your Bengal Bengals are medium to vast felines, with male Bengals extending from 5 to 9 kg all things considered, while females are littler at 3 to 4 kg all things considered.


Gorgeous Bengal cat eager to catch its prey

Gorgeous Bengal cat eager to catch its prey

Bengals cats are desire to play with different felines, puppies, and people, affection to investigate, and numerous Bengals likewise love to play in water. Local Bengals are particularly breed for an agreeable and social demeanor and are not inclined to be forceful or assault.


The Asian Leopard Cat was reared with the residential feline endeavoring to exchange the panther’s resistance to cat leukemia to its tamer cousin. Shockingly, the resistance didn’t go on to the original. The majority of the posterity was gone up against by Jean Mill, who kept on reproducing them until subsequent to conquering various deterrents.


While Bengals, similar to some other housecat, will eat crude meat in the event that it is set before them, they flourish with normal business cat food. Since Bengals are so high-vitality, we do prescribe that you nourished a quality cat food made with loads of meat ingredients.


Most guys are fruitless, however the periodic male can duplicate. Females are prolific. The first through third eras of Bengals are viewed as dutiful, and are utilized for rearing and concentrated pet situations. The fourth and later eras are viewed as residential and can be appeared and enlisted.

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Scientific classification of Bengal cat

Bengal cat


Bengal cat

Bengal cat

Scientific Classification

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Range of the Bengal cat

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