Beluga whale

The Beluga Whale is also known to be as the White Whale. It has high-pitched twitter and so it is given the name Beluga or Sea Canary. It is a mammal found in the sea.

This whale has adapted itself to the arctic life. It has very different anatomical and physiological characteristics. The colour of this whale’s body is white. This whale does not have a dorsal fin and thus it makes it unique from most of the marine fishes and mammals. The Beluga Whale is larger than a dolphin but smaller than an actual whale. This whale can weigh up to 1600 kg. the hearing power of this whale is very well developed.

Body Description
The body of this whale is round and tapered towards the head. The tailfin continues to grow with the age of the mammal.

This whale can live up to 30 years.

The male whales are larger than the females and are more strong. They grow in their size up to 10 years and reach their actual and ultimate size.

The colour of these whales is completely white. However, the colour of the calves is grey and within one month that colour changes to dark grey or bluish grey.

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Scientific classification of Beluga whale

Beluga whale


Beluga whale

Beluga whale

Scientific Classification

Binomial name

Delphinapterus leucas

Range of the Beluga whale

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