Bees are known as flying insects that resemble the wasps and ants. It can sting like ants and have wings like wasps. They are known to be helpful to man for pollination as well as for producing honey. There are various species of bees that can be found all over the world

The bee is an insect that belongs to the Apoidea super family. There are around 20, 000 species of bees in 7- 9 families all over the world. The European honey bee is well known for its honey producing capabilities as well as producing bee wax.


Bees have a very interesting feature as it has two big eyes in its head

Bees have a very interesting feature as it has two big eyes in its head

Some bees, including honey bees, bumble bees, and sting less bees live in social colonies. They are important for pollination. Bees range from sizes of 2 mm long to Megachile Pluto, which is the largest species of Leafcutter bee that is 39 millimeters. The most common bees in the Northern Hemisphere are the sweat bees and they are very small in size. The insect has two big eyes that cover the entire head.


Bees are distributed all throughout the world. They are present in clusters all over the world excluding Antarctica.


Different bees have different kinds of dietary patterns. Some bees feed on honey and nectar as well as pollen from flowers, whereas some bees feed on animal and human blood. They usually hunt in the night.

Bees are found in all parts of the world except Antarctica.

Bees are found in all parts of the world except Antarctica.


The life cycle of a bee is not very long. It involves lying of an egg and the development of larvae, a Pupation stage and then complete metamorphosis. The sex of the bees depends on whether the egg is fertilized after mating. A female stores the sperm and then offspring’s are born through them after they are fertilized. Tropical bees have several offspring in a year. The egg is slightly curved and tapered at the end

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