Bald Eagle


Coins, banners, structures, and seals in the United States have utilized the picture of the bald eagle to symbolize the nation

The official symbol of America- Bald Eagle

The official symbol of America- Bald Eagle

Numerous individuals don’t have the foggiest idea about that the bald eagle has been the image of the United States and the country’s national winged creature since 1782. Ocean Eagles, so normal in eighteenth century Europe, were a typical sight to America’s initial pilgrims, and it is from mixing up the two feathered creatures that the bald eagle got its name.

There were no bald eagles in Europe, as the bald eagle is discovered just in North America. The ocean hawk name waits, and the experimental name, Haliaetus leucocephalus, really signifies “ocean bird with a white head” in Greek and Latin.


Of the ‘ocean hawk’ species, the bald eagle is the one and only that is local to North America. The bald eagle is quickly evident by its smooth, white head and white tail, differentiated by the profound chestnut quills of its body..


The bald eagle is a furious fowl of prey, alongside different raptors, for example, birds of prey, vultures, owls, and hawks. The bald eagle lives on an eating regimen of live prey, for example, waterfowl and fish, and additionally rodents, snakes, rabbits, and flying creatures, yet they will eat remains when there is no live prey to be eaten.

The bald eagle stays with its mate forever, however couple of different feathered creatures tail this conduct.

The bald eagle stays with its mate forever, however couple of different feathered creatures tail this conduct.

Bald eagles are tremendous and threatening feathered creatures, with grown-ups developing to 32 inches long, with wingspans to 7 ½ feet, and weighing up to 16 pounds.


Every chasing pair of bald eagles requires a zone of 2 to 15 square miles in which to chase. Every pair of bald eagles shares a home, irately guarding it from predators. The bald eagle in some cases pursues creatures that have made their very own catch, for example, the east Central Florida bald eagles that pursuit Ospreys along the Indian River tidal pond.


In spite of the fact that most winged animals carry on a much shorter time, the bald eagle can live for upwards of 25 years.

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Scientific classification of Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle


Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

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Least Concern

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