Ankylosaurus is a type of dinosaur and it means ‘fused lizard’. This name was given because all parts of the body of this animal is fused together. This species was the last non-avian dinosaurs.

The largest animal of this species was known to be very large and was between 6-8 metres long. They also weigh from 4-8 tonnes. This animal had a broad and hardy body. The head was wide but the skull was low and flat and because of this they were not intelligent as the brain could not grow properly. There were two horns from the head. They had nostrils on each side rather than having on the front. This animal usually moved slowly but sometimes it also moved quickly.

The Ankylosaurus were herbivorous. They usually ate fibrous and woody plants. They also ate leaves of many plants and fruits too. They also ate ferns and shrubs.

This animal had four limbs and used all of the limbs for their movement. The back limbs were slightly longer than the forelimbs.

Fossil finds
The remains of this animal was found from its fossils.

This animal species was found on Earth approximately 83.5 million years ago.

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Scientific classification of Ankylosaurus





Scientific Classification

Binomial name

†Ankylosaurus magniventris

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