American toad

The American toad is a type of toad. This animal lives in the United States and Canada. There are three different subspecies of this toad, they are – Eastern American Toad, Dwarf American Toad and the Hudson Bay Toad.

Eggs of the toads
The American Toad lays eggs which take 2-14 days to hatch. The tadpoles have skinny and black bodies and tiny tails. The tadpoles becomes adult within 2 months. The tadpoles feed on ants, spiders and worms. They also eat microscopic bugs. These tadpoles are very small but their skin has toxic chemicals which are dangerous for the predators. Some fishes die while trying to eat the tadpoles because of this chemical.

These toads are 51-90 mm long and the colour of their skin is usually brown or gray. The female toads are larger than the male toads and during the breeding time the males are seen to have dark throats.

Breeding season
The breeding season or time of these toads start from January or February and last till March to July.

Threatened species
This species are threatened of their existence and can become extinct after years. People will only be able to see pictures of them and read about them but they will not be seen anywhere on the earth.

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Scientific classification of American toad

American toad


American toad

American toad

Scientific Classification

Binomial name

Anaxyrus americanus

Range of the American toad

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