Akita Dog Japanese Dog Characteristics Facts


Akita is known as the most famous of the Japanese domestic dog breeds. Akita, the best example of Japanese breeds with its history, is a breed that emerged as a result of studies on Japanese dogs in the 1800s. Breeders are said to carry out their studies by choosing the best genes, especially size, appearance and features. Akita dog, which is frequently used by Japanese fishermen, has been owned by dog lovers all over the world over time. This breed, which has become a symbol of the royal in particular, is widely seen in England, Spain and France. It is noted that in the middle Ages, it was raised as a fighting dog. It is said that Akita INU Hazankai Association was founded in 1918 to protect the Akita species.

Akita Facts

  • Even though the hunting and fighting skills of Akita are highly developed, they remain popular with their loving, kind and loyal personality.See the vulnerability of two Akita’s
  • It has different color shades and feather structure; outer feather structure is flat-thick feather and inner part is soft and bushy.
  • Their feathers are always shiny, they shed their hair twice a year. Its legs are short.
  • It has a muscular, big breasted, thick leg structure.
  • This breed lives on average 10-15 years. Akita heads are big but in balance with the body. There is no wrinkle on the scalp. Ears that are smaller than the head are triangular and slightly rounded.
  • The ears are strong and upright, there is a certain distance between them and they are slightly inclined towards the eyes, in line with the level of the neck. Their tails are big and thick. It is usually carried above the back and bent like a curl.
  • Most Akita like to talk. This speech can occur in the form of grunting, humming, groaning; in this way, it entertains both you and yourself. Akitas are natural protectors of their homes and do not need extra training to defend their homes. They do not bark if they have no reason, they are generally silent.
  • Its weight can vary between 85-130 kilograms in males and 70-110 kilograms in females. They need a living space in the interior. However, it is stated that it can adapt to the outside in a place with cold climate characteristics. Akita does not like to be with different dogs.
  • Akita dogs should have their own habitat. It has loyal, calm and protective, defensive behavior. But sometimes it can show itself in self-directed behavior. They like movement and enjoy family games. They enjoy playing with dog toys. If the exercise is done, it can live in the apartment. They like to be clean.

Care of Akita

A couple of Akita’s are playing together

A couple of Akita’s are playing together

  • For a healthy and educated Akita breed, regular and attentive care is required.
  • Care of your feathers should be done continuously. Its feather should be combed and brushed every day during the day.
  • In order to have a healthy structure, a warm bath can also be provided.
  • Regular and abundant exercise should be done.
  • It likes to be fed regularly and according to the hours. In addition, it is important for it’s to keep the food container clean.
  • It should be brushed at least once a week and when moulting it is recommended to groom with a metal toothed comb.
  • In order not to lose its naturalness, its skin should be washed gently and if necessary, soft shampoo should be used.
  • Females of this breed on average, 7-8 offspring.
  • However, the number of puppies may differ depending on the physical characteristics of the dog, its age and other variables.

How to Train the Akita Dog Breed?

Training for these dogs is considered a must. Although they are very loyal and smart dogs, they are actually stubborn. It is necessary to give a good education in order to keep them under control and to reveal the personality traits. This race must receive an accurate education. These dogs, where training is absolutely recommended, may not be suitable for people who will have a dog for the first time. Since these dogs are smart, so they can be trained in 8 weeks.

What do Akita Eat?

Puppies of this breed can grow quite quickly and a high- quality and low- calorie diet that will not support rapid growth will be better for them. It is necessary to choose food by age for these dogs. It is not recommended to switch to adult food before the age of 1. But since this breed can grow fast, the food change can be recommended by the veterinarian depending on the weight. In order to achieve weight control, it must go to the vet regularly.

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Scientific classification of Akita Dog Japanese Dog Characteristics Facts

Akita Dog Japanese Dog Characteristics Facts


The average life span of Akita is 11 to 15 years and widely found in Japan. Akita is generally cultured as a pet animal in several areas specifically in Japan.
Typically, Akita possesses a great deal of energy and is extremely playful. Despite, they should be provided with a top rated quality different dry kibble that can supplement all their nutritional requirements.
As with several hybrid breeds, the physical appearance of an Akita can be somewhat unpredictable and as fairly modern breed, Akita breeders are still adjust the perfect look for the breed. Nonetheless, several enthusiasts seem to gravitate towards a look that is familiar to a husky, but smaller in size.

Akita Dog Japanese Dog Characteristics Facts

Akita Dog Japanese Dog Characteristics Facts

Scientific Classification

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