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The Aadvark is a carnivorous mammal that has an average life span of 23 years.It gets its name from earth pig as it resembles a pig with its long snout like face and its burrowing habits Aardvark- an endangered species Aadvark is a medium sized, burrowing nocturanal animal which is found in Africa.It is also


The strangest looking insectsThe strangest looking insects Earwigs are one of the most strangest looking insects which look real creepy with medium sized flat bodies and are of different colors. Are they really harmful> Lets find out. Earwigs are known to make up the Dermaptera insect order.It has around 2000 species in 12 families and


The numbat is slowly losing its existence The long and sticky tongue is its primary characteristics. Termites are its main source of food. Usually, the numbats are solitary in nature. They mate only for two months. The numbat is a marsupial animal, which is also referred as the banded anteater or walpurti or marsupial anteater.