The Ostrich is commonly known as the Common Ostrich is one of the two species of flightless birds that are mainly found in Africa and are members of the  genus Struthio,ratite family. The Somali Ostrich is different from the common Ostrich.

The Ostrich is known to be the largest species of birds that lays the largest legs Though it does not have wings and cannot fly, it has long legs that helps it to run really fast- In fact an Ostrich is the fastest bird that can run really fast.


Ostrich is mainly known for being the fastest bird live

Ostrich is mainly known for being the fastest bird live

The Ostrich is one of the fastest birds on the Earth and is distinctively known by its long neck and long legs. The Ostrich can run up to 70 km/h. It is the largest living species of birds. The Ostrich is an endangered bird that is conserved by the wildlife department.


Ostriches are found in the African desert lands which are sandy and dry.


One of the most common feature of Ostrich is it has long neck and long legs.

One of the most common feature of Ostrich is it has long neck and long legs.

The diet of the Ostrich is mainly comprised of plants. It also eats invertebrates and small insects that are found in the desert lands.They also feed on fruits, shrubs, seeds, flowers and small pebbles.Insects like locusts are their favorite.While eating, they fill the gullet with food which passes through the Oesophagus  the form of a ball called a bolus.Ostriches can stay without drinking water for several days and they take the water from plants and the leaves 25% of their body weight is reduced due to dehydration, however they are designed to survive that as well.


Ostriches are usually ready for mating when they are four –five years old.Females mature six months earlier than males. An Ostrich can give birth for several times in its life.The mating season usually starts in April- May and end in September.The process of mating differs in different locations. The male attracts the female with the beat of his wings and then they go over to mate.

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