Fast and active Lory have short blunt tail

Lories are small to medium size arborous parrots which can be characterized by brush tipped tongues. These tongues can be used for eating various soft fruits, berries and various blossoms. Traditionally, they were seen as a separate subfamily of Loriinae from the another subfamily Psittacinae, but from the recent studies, they came to know that it is from various other groups.

Red Lory, with its pair in between the trees

Red Lory, with its pair in between the trees


Lories are also named as Lorikeets. They are most colorful bird comes under parrot species and it has a distinctive brush like tongue that allows to remove nectar and pollen from flower blossom.


Lories are very fast moving, inquisitive and very active. Their movements are jerky and its color is quite unusual or vibrate for a parrot like black or brown. Lories are relatively small parrots with often quite stunning. Most of the Lory grows up to 25 to 30 cm with wingspan of 17 cm.


The Lory is a very intense personality in general and it is not seen as shy species. Lory bird is busy and lively allow some time for rest. For most people their antics are more entertaining. A young Lory bird is quite shy at starting, but it will trust its human. Grown Lory can what things have to do and what cannot.


Lory birds are widely distributed around the Australian region, including southern part of eastern Asia, Timor Leste , Polynesia, Papua New Guinea. The majority of the Lory birds has bright colored plumage.

Yellow Streaked Lory comes under the subfamily of Loriinae

Yellow Streaked Lory comes under the subfamily of Loriinae


Many types of Lories mainly feed on nectar and pollen and its tongue adapted specially for the particular diet. Some fruit orchard owners are considered Lory, as a pest and they continuously fly with their groups. It can eat sunflower seeds, grapes and pears, apples.


Lories normally lay two white oval eggs and it takes around 26 days to hatch during the female incubation period. Both male and female feed the young one. After two years Lories take 50 to 55 days to reach sexual maturity.

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